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What is Tarot?
Tarot cards began as playing cards for various games, such as Italian Tarocchini. They picked up popularity during the 15th century and spread all across Europe. By the 18th century, French occultists claimed the playing cards could be used for deviation, and that was when custom decks were first created! Two types of tarot deck came into existence, one that stayed for playing games, and the other that became what we know as ‘Tarot’ today.
The main difference between a playing card pack and a deviation pack is the inclusion of the ‘major arcana’ which are the 21 cards formed from illustrated pictures such as Death, The Moon, The Hanged Man, and so on. Both packs include The Fool (major arcana) and the ‘Joker’ playing card.Tarot card decks are made up of 78 cards: 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.What is Tarot used for?
Tarot cards are used for spiritual guidance and growth. People often look to the cards for answers or outlines to certain questions, be it about their love life, what they might need to change to help them grow as a person, or what unexpected pitfalls might be on the horizon. They are not used to tell the future but simply give people an outline and a guiding hand.
As with everything, it's always up for interpretation and there are always those who believe and those who are skeptical. We just really like the cards!Does this have anything to do with the other OP Tarot project from 2020?
Nope! We were inspired by the awesomeness of that one, but we missed out (curse you algorithms!) so we’re making this one!
Why OP and Tarot?
From our head mod: “This is an idea that's stayed with me for years and now I want to see it happen!” So here we are, we hope you’ll join us on our journey!
As much as we love shipping, this project will be ship free, sorry everyone.How will the finances be spent?
This will be a SPLIT PROFIT project. 25% of funds will go to a charity of our choice, and the other 75% will be evenly split among our contributors.

Project Expectations:

All artists will draw 3 cards. All art must be SFW, canon typical violence allowed. The characters will be assigned.

Merch Artists
Our merch artists will be making between 2 -3 designs, examples below:
- Buttons
- Charms
- Bookmarks
- Prints
- Polaroids
- Pins
And more!
Thank you so much for your interest and support!


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Interest CheckAugust 22nd - September 18th
Guest InvitesSeptember 19th - September 25th
Contributors ApplicationsOctober 1st - October 31st
Contributor Results SentNovember 8th
Contributor Acceptance DeadlineNovember 15th
Pitches DueNovember 25th
1st Check-inJanuary 1st 2023
2nd Check-inFebruary 2nd 2023
3rd Check-inMarch 5th 2023
4th Check-inApril 5th 2023
Final DueMay 5th- 31st 2023
Pre-OrdersJune 15th- July 15th 2023
ProductionAugust- December 2023
ShippingJanuary - February 2024